Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Process

The though from the Word on my mind. 2 Timothy 2:15.

The frying pan/fire thing is just a joke really. I procrastinated. I waffled. I was distracted. But finally I finished my ordination paper, showed it to our association Credentials Committee and our church leaders, got feedback, made changes, met with the Committee, made it through the meeting (with more input and tweaks suggested) and I have been recommended to face an actual ordination council.

This part of the examination process was easier, even more helpful and encouraging than I had hoped for. I made the process harder on myself than I had to it seems. But I was, and still am, taking it very seriously. And I discovered that I am the frying pan. I'm being seasoned to remain in the fire and not burn everything that I touch. That's the process happening here.

God is graciously making me a little bit more useful in His Kingdom.

Good Ol' Customer Service

Sasktel is the answer when the “independents” get it wrong. When we migrated to Sasktel almost two years ago the guy promised our son Steven that he would be able to download the pictures from his phone directly to his computer. Long story short - Not. Possible. Ever.

In frustration, Steven downloaded his pix over the internet and rang up a $80.00 bill for doing it. I called Sasktel and the guy from customer service understood our problem and did the following:

He cut the bill in half - no questions, no hassles, just done.

He suggested a change to Steven’s package that included a two month free period that equaled the other half of the bill. Wow!!

We then went to Sasktel (at Cornwall), told them our story and Michael (the manager) offered to get Steven into another phone, agreeing that my argument was valid - that we wouldn’t have chosen the one we got if we had the right info at the time of purchase . There was only one tense moment when it seemed that they wanted to charge us for for the new phone (we were willing to pay to upgrade, but not to get an equivalent), but my reasonably gentle but firm and incredulous response ended that idea right there.

Steven now has a phone that does what he wants, plus they downloaded all of his photos currently in the old phone via the internet for free, and I am frankly way impressed. Sasktel fixed’s blunder because, in the end we are Sasktel’s customer. I suspect Michael and other employees of Sasktel have some uncharitable ideas about what the fate of should be, but the Sasktel folks did the right thing, for the right reasons.