Monday, July 21, 2008

Kicking Glass

I took a picture today of about a dozen glass containers sitting on the ground beside a Loraas recycling bin. I can't post it because my personal computer is "in the shop", but rest assured dear reader, (if you exist) I will post it soon. It is an image that should be used to indite and shame our provincial politicians.

Glass manufacturers have been recycling their product since the 1600's or even much earlier but we can't do that in Saskatchewan unless the containers we do deal with once contained either sugar-loaded drinks or alcoholic beverages.


Morons can recycle glass - but not Saskatchewanites. We have 2 BILLION excess dollars in our provincial coffers that have not been budgeted to be spent on anything yet and we still can't recycle pickle jars. And our provincial members of the Fourth and Fifth Estates should also be ashamed because they are saying NOTHING about this.

If I even hear ONE person say anything about how it isn't "economically viable" to recycle general glass products at this time I'll go ballistic!. That is exactly the kind of thinking that has gotten us to the ecological crisis we now face. If we can't do the right thing because we can't AFFORD to do the right thing then we are officially screwed to a wholly breathtakingly new and frightening level.

So John Gormley, before you claim to be "holding the politician's feet to the fire" let me hear you get our provincial Minister of the Environment on you radio show and ask him a couple of hardball questions about glass. And Premier Wall, before you go off spouting about how great we are in Flatland and how we're ready to move into the future let's see if you and your cabinet can figure out how to do something Europeans have been doing since before Samuel de Champlain discovered how bad the black flies were in northern Ontario.

'Nuff said.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


The Ordination Council was today.

It was a GOOD experience!

I passed!

God be praised!

Shalom People!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Follow Up Release

Hot on the heels of my outrageously inaccessible debut CD we are offering an equally unavailable follow-up release guaranteed to generate at least as much spurious interest as any non-event you have never witnessed.

Due to purely speculative creative differences between my id and super-ego I/we were forced to rename the group while imaginary yet concretely expensive solicitors hash out the contract disputes in a Kangaroo court located (conveniently) in Perth, Australia.

p-y method

for the new metaphors

Remember - We're Incognito Records - you can't find us because we don't want to be found.