Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Get Out There and Vote

Not to put too fine a point on it, but GET OUT THERE AND VOTE. If democracy in Canada isn't working it's because we are all too laiden with Tim Horton's products to care. Marx called "religion the opiate of the people" but that was before double chocolate dipped donuts and on-line poker sites. We may not like what we have to choose from, but at least we still get to choose. If we give that up then we might as well get plugged into the Matrix and just let the system suck our energy 'till we die. I'm not going to advocate a particular political party, ideology or candidate in this forum because frankly I think the bigger issue is just getting YOU engaged with the process. It may well be that none of the parties or candidates really seems to reflect your issues and perspective, but that doesn't mean that you can't have access to them. But if you don't even get involved in choosing what hope can you have that there will be anyone to hear your voice?

Vote! Then you will have earned the right to truly vent spleen during the coming months.

Entering the Blogsphere

Here I am and it seems the atmosphere of this place will support life (intelligent and otherwise). I expect my posts here will be infrequent, but I did once say that being paid to read and write would be like being heaven. As I won't get paid to write here then this will be more like Canmore, AB than heaven. But that won't be so bad.